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Scotch Review: Highland Park 18 year

Highland Park 18 Year

Distiller: Highland Park Distillery
Spirit: Single Malt Scotch
Price: $99.90
ABV: 43%

Heavy oak, soft smoke, honeydew, slight ginger and clove

Honey, peat, oak, cocoa, dried fruit, sea water, spice

Long and soft finish with fruit up front and a fair amount of smoke at the end. ‘Tis one incredibly smooth dram.


I have one major complain with this bottle, but first let me say what I like. I love the raised glass emblem beneath the label. The label itself offer elegant class, whilst offering a more mechanical appearance than some labels (there is something about it that screams “European Industrial Revolution”). The colors are beautiful, and although the text is a bit chaotic, there is a certain order which effortlessly leads your eyes from one intricate detail to the next. Now… for my only “beef” with this bottle: Why on earth would you put such an expensive dram in such a thin bottle? This thing is shaped like a giant’s flask, and it’s just about as stable as a guy who just drank the whole bottle. My advice to you: keep this bottle LOW to the ground.

When I first tasted this whisky a few months ago, I was blown away, and was convinced that I was enjoying the finest scotch in the world. There is so much hype behind this bottle with F. Paul Pacult naming it the finest spirit in the world (2005) and Jim Murray declaring it 2011’s finest single malt scotch; I put extra effort into coming to my own conclusions, and not being swayed by any sort of publicity. After all, Pacult and Murray offer only opinions, not facts. However, though I’ve tried, I cannot find any aspect of this whisky that isn’t captivating. The perfectly balanced peat, smoke, fruit, and spice combine to make one hell of an incredible drinking experience. Is this an everyday whisky? No. However, it is something special to be enjoyed several times throughout the year. So far, I have not had another Single Malt Scotch whisky that pleases me as greatly as Highland Park 18 year, regardless of price.

Reviewed by Richard Borean

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