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Gin Review: Ransom

Ransom Old Tom Gin:
Distiller: Ransom Spirits
Spirit: Barrel-aged Old Tom Gin
Price:  $37.00
ABV: 44%

It’s bold complexity of the malty grains, citrus, juniper, coriander, and cardamom combined to create one of, if not the most interesting gin nose I’ve ever experienced.

My first sip yielded an obvious kick of malty deliciousness and a spicy finish accompanied by a large grin. Upon further sipping, I noticed notes of orange, citrus, other fruits, and even tobacco (which, I assume, came from the barrel aging). It is sweeter than a London Dry: that, along with its spiciness, almost make this gin similar to a scotch or bourbon. Many reviews mentioned that this is a whiskey drinker’s gin, and I could not agree more. I am currently sipping it straight, no rocks, no vermouth, no tonic: nothing. It’s delicious.

Stay tuned for my post about holiday cocktails where I will discuss some classic cocktails for the cold weather holidays.

The folks at Ransom distillery created a handsome bottling for this gin. The lettering and border around the label give it a pre-prohibition era appeal, yet there is also a touch of modern style. As always, if the manufacturer manages to properly mix the old style with the new, they get two thumbs up from me, and Ransom has certainly just that. This bottle looks great on my shelf, and will complement any home bar.

Several things came to mind while drinking this gin. Firstly, gin is strangely complex, and although it certainly tastes like gin, there is a distinct similarity to bourbon as well; this is vastly different from any other gin I have ever had. The most common gin today is the London Dry, but I sense that American gin companies might prove themselves as game-changers quite soon, and we might see a resurgence of classic style Old Tom Gins as well as new breeds of aromatic gins à la Bluecoat Gin. Finally, this is absolutely, and immediately one of my favorite spirits. It is unlike anything else on my bar, and the quality of this gin sets the standard to which all other Old Tom gins should aspire. Ransom Old Tom Gin will be a permanent member of my home bar; the flavor is incredibly diverse — I can imagine substituting this in a cocktail recipes calling for bourbons, scotches, or even tequilas (Old Tom gin margaritas, anyone?!).

Reviewed by Richard Borean

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